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AR# 65179

2015.2 Vivado - Can a critical warning be promoted to an error?


Can a specific critical warning be promoted to an error?

I have a script that builds a design. Currently a net is not being routed.

This only gets reported as a critical warning, so because the script completes normally it might be missed.

Is there a way to elevate this to an error?

From the Log file:

Phase 8 Verifying routed nets
CRITICAL WARNING: [Route 35-54] Net: pcie_ref_clk is not completely routed.
Resolution: Run report_route_status for more information.

CRITICAL WARNING: [Route 35-7] Design has 2 unroutable pins, potentially caused by placement issues.


Yes, In Vivado you can promote the Critical Warning to an Error using the Tcl command set_msg_config.

This can be done by using either the Vivado GUI or a Tcl command.

Vivado GUI:

Check the topic Changing Message Severity on page 121 in the following User guide (UG893):


TCL command:

A critical warning can be changed to an error by substituting the appropriate message ID into the following command:

set_msg_config -id {Route 35-7} -new_severity {ERROR}

AR# 65179
Date 08/13/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • FPGA Device Families
  • Vivado Design Suite
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