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AR# 65403

Vivado IP Flows - If I upgrade an IP core in IP Integrator, all of the IP cores in the Block Design get reset


I use IP integrator (IPI) in Vivado 2015.2 or later to create a Block Design.

I have the option to generate output products "Out of context per IP." This produces a separate .dcp for each IP in the design.

Next, I upgrade one of the IP cores and Vivado resets the output products for all of the IP cores in the Block Design.

This forces me to regenerate the output products for all of the IP cores.

I would like the change in one IP core to have no effect on the other IP cores in the block diagram.

Is this possible?


There is no way to reset output products for each individual IP core.

IPI resets the target (or the block design) after an upgrade of any IP core used in the design. All of the output files are deleted as result of this reset operation.

As a result, you must regenerate output products for all IPs every time an IP is upgraded.

This is done because a change in a parameter could cause the downstream IP cores to be impacted during parameter propagation.

If the Output products for the affected IPs are not re-generated, you could experience difficulties.

AR# 65403
Date 10/09/2015
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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