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AR# 65496

Licensing - Why does my Node Locked Activation License not work with 32-bit Vivado Tools?


I installed Vivado 2014.X and activated my node locked license with the Vivado License Manager.

I can run 64-bit Vivado without any issues.

However, when I try to run 32-bit Vivado I get a license error.

Why does this happen?


This occurs because the default license tools in Vivado are 64-bit. 64-bit is not backwards compatible with 32-bit, so the activation license cannot be found in 32-bit Tools.

In order to use both 32 bit and 64 bit tools with your activation license, you will need to return your node locked license before continuing with the steps below:

1) Reinitialize Trusted Storage from the following location:



Run the following command:

installanchorservice.exe xilinxd Vivado-Software 



Run the following command:




Start > All programs > Xilinx Design Tools > Vivado 2014.X > Right click on Manage Xilinx Licenses > Properties > Append -m32 to the end of target.


When opening Vivado License Manager use this instead: 

vlm -m32

3) Open Vivado License Manager. Verify it is 32-bit by Clicking on Help > About (It should be Vivado 2014.X without 64-bit)

4) Activate your Node Locked License.

You can now use 32-bit tools and 64-bit tools because you have activated your license as 32-bit.

AR# 65496
Date 10/09/2015
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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