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AR# 65517

2015.3 Vivado - The -origin_dir option has been added to the vivado command line to allow write_project_tcl scripts to be sourced from any location


Prior to Vivado 2015.3 some users found it difficult to determine the location from which to source a script generated with the write_project_tcl command. 

The directory structure must be maintained from when the script was created for it to rebuild successfully.

The -origin_dir switch has been added to the write_project_tcl command so that the user can specify the directory of origin.

This allows a script to be sourced from any location so that the project can be successfully rebuilt.


In Vivado 2015.3 there are two ways to use the switch.

Option 1) 

Set the 'origin_dir_loc' variable with the desired relative/absolute path in the Tcl shell before sourcing the generated script. 

The script will set this value as origin_dir and resolve the source file paths accordingly.

Option 2) 

Pass '--origin_dir ' on the Vivado command line.

For example:

vivado -mode tcl -source rebuild.tcl -tclargs --origin_dir ".."

AR# 65517
Date 10/06/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.3
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