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AR# 66015

Altera-to-Xilinx Memory Initialization File (HEX to COE) Conversion


This Answer Record should be used in conjunction with UG1192 "Xilinx Design Flow for Intel FPGA and SoC Users"



Follow the instructions below to convert an Altera .HEX file to a Xilinx .COE for RAM initialization:

Altera's memory initialization HEX file is a standard Intel HEX file which has the following format:


This example Altera HEX Initialization file is for a 36 bit x 1024 memory. Notice below that there are 1024 entries.


Use a text editor to column-select the DATA (green text), copy, and paste to a new file:



Now save this file as a COE file. Then perform another column select (last hex digit) and place a comma following: 


Combine all hex values to a single line by line-joining all 1024 lines and remove the last floating comma.


Add the following lines to complete: 


This now is the COE file that will be provided to Vivado IP Catalog to initialize the block RAM memory.

It would be relatively straightforward to create a Tcl script to perform the above steps.

AR# 66015
Date 05/17/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite
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