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AR# 66182

2015.4 Petalinux : QEMU does not include SDL to display graphic output over virtual Display Port


While Petalinux QEMU includes a virtual Display Port model, it does not include SDL which would allow the graphics output to be redirected to the virtual Display Port.


PetaLinux QEMU does not include SDL support for Display Monitor Emulation, It is recommended to build QEMU from source with SDL enabled.

Building QEMU from Source:-

QEMU source code is available on the github link .

The following are the build steps:

1. Clone QEMU, and update the sub-modules, dtc and pixman. Checkout to master branch.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to install the build dependencies before starting the build.

     For Redhat, use yum-builddep qemu

     For Ubuntu, use apt-get build-dep qemu.

Its recommended to do an out-of-tree build.

2. Make an empty folder outside of the source folder, and change into the new folder.

3. Run the following configure command:


--target-list="aarch64-softmmu,microblazeel-softmmu,arm-softmmu" \ --enable-debug \ --force-internal-fdt \  --extra-cflags=-DXILINX_SPIPS_ERR_DEBUG=2 \ -DM25P80_ERR_DEBUG=2 \ -DNAND_ERR_DEBUG=1 \

-DARASAN_NFC_ERR_DEBUG=1 \ -DSDHC_DEBUG \ -DFDT_GENERIC_UTIL_ERR_DEBUG=2 \ -DCADENCE_GEM_ERR_DEBUG \ -DCONFIG_FDT \ --disable-werror \ --enable-fdt \ --enable-sdl

4. Then run make j16.

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AR# 66182
Date 12/15/2015
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Type Known Issues
  • Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC
  • PetaLinux - 2015.4
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