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AR# 66215

2016.1_EA XPE 7 Series Release


What is is included in this 2016.1_EA release for XPE for 7 Series?


This is an early access release and it includes updated static power limits for certain Artix device and early access to new defense-grade devices. Corresponding support for Vivado Report Power will be available in the 2016.1 release.

The Artix devices (A50T -1LI, A35T -1LI, & A15T -1LI) will have an increase in static power limits, which is a maximum total static power increase of 36mW at Maximum operating conditions at 100 C.

New defense-grade devices are below:


  • XQ7A100T CS324-1IL
  • XQ7A100T FG484-1IL
  • XQ7A200T RB484-1IL
  • XQ7A200T RB676-1IL
  • XQ7A200T RS484-1IL
  • XQ7A50T CS325-1IL
  • XQ7A50T FG484-1IL


  • XQ7K325T RF676-1ML (Military grade with reduced maximum process static power versus -1M)
  • XQ7K325T RF676-2IL
  • XQ7K325T RF900-2IL
  • XQ7K410T RF676-2IL
  • XQ7K410T RF900-2IL


  • XQ7Z020 CL400-1IL
  • XQ7Z020 CL484-1IL
  • XQ7Z030 RB484-2IL
  • XQ7Z030 RF676-2IL
  • XQ7Z045 RF676-2IL
  • XQ7Z045 RF900-2IL
  • XQ7Z100 RF1156-2I
  • XQ7Z100 RF1156-2IL
  • XQ7Z100 RF900-1I
  • XQ7Z100 RF900-2I
  • XQ7Z100 RF900-2IL
AR# 66215
Date 01/04/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.4.1
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