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AR# 66370

XSDB: Using JTAG UART Terminal on System Debugger


I have a MicroBlaze-based design with MDM UART enabled. I wish to use a JTAG UART Terminal from XSDB for STDOUT and STDIN. How can I do this?


Please follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the XSDB console
  2. Use the "connect" command to connect to the board
  3. Configure the FPGA.
  4. Change the targets to Debug Module using the "targets" command
  5. Use the command "jtagterminal -start" to launch a JTAG-based hyperterminal
  6. Change the target to the MicroBlaze processor using the "targets" command
  7. Download the application elf using the "dow" command
  8. Run the application using the "con" command.


You should now see application output on the JTAG-based hyperterminal.


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AR# 66370
Date 05/26/2016
Status Active
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