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AR# 66407

2015.4 Vivado IP Flows - Generating Output products (OOC per IP) on a hierarchical IP fails with [exportsim-Tcl-66] failed to open file to write (export_sim_options.cfg)


I generate the output products for my design by selecting the Block Design in the hierarchy view and choosing "Generate Output Products" and then "OOC Per IP"
At this point I get the following:

export_simulation -of_objects [get_files C:/test/test.srcs/sources_1/bd/design_1/design_1.bd] -directory C:/test/_X_.ip_user_files/sim_scripts -force

CRITICAL WARNING: [exportsim-Tcl-45] The following IPs have not generated output products yet or have subsequently been updated, making the current output products out-of-date.
It is strongly recommended that these IPs be re-generated and then this script run again to get a complete output.
To generate the output products please see 'generate_target' Tcl command.
Status - (Out of Date) IP NAME = design_1_axi_10g_ethernet_0_0
ERROR: [exportsim-Tcl-66] failed to open file to write (export_sim_options.cfg)
ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'send_msg_id' failed due to earlier errors.


This error occurs for designs with specific IP when running Vivado in a read only directory.

To avoid the problem, CD to a directory with read/write permission and open Vivado from that location.

The issue will be fixed in Vivado 2016.1.

AR# 66407
Date 01/20/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2015.4
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