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AR# 66758

2016.1 Vivado Power/XPE UltraScale - Automatic conversion of write enable rate for block RAM


What has changed in UltraScale XPE in Vivado 2016.1 for block RAM?


The XPE block RAM sheet for UltraScale has improved in 2016.1 XPE. The Write Rate for both ports has changed to Write Enable, and the corresponding definition has also changed.

In XPE version 2015.4 or earlier, the Write Rate column is a percentage of the Enable Rate for both of the ports.

In Vivado 2016.1, the following has changed:

  1. Write Rate has been renamed to Write Enable
  2. Write Enable is a percentage of total time and independent of Enable Rate
  3. XPE tool tips have been update to reflect this change.

If you have a Vivado 2015.4 or earlier version of the .xpe file generated by the export feature of report_power, and try to import this to the 2016.1 XPE, the tool will perform the automatic conversion of Write Enable so that there is no impact on block RAM power.

The automatic conversion checks if the .xpe file being imported into 2016.1 XPE was generated by XPE version 2015.4 or earlier.

Because the new write enable is a percentage of the total time and not a percentage of the enable rate, the following formula will then be used:

New Write Enable = Enable Rate X old Write Rate

Xilinx recommends that you review the newly imported write enable before proceeding.

AR# 66758
Date 04/13/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
  • Vivado Design Suite - 2016.1
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