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AR# 67305

HDCP 2.2 - How should the HDCP keys be formatted for the HDCP 2.2 IP?


How should the HDCP keys be formatted for the HDCP 2.2 IP?


The HDMI reference application has two (empty) HDCP 2.2 key arrays.

  1. The hdcp22_lc128 array - The global secret constant for the HDCP 2.2 TX.
    The size is 16 bytes and the license constant from the HDCP 2.2 TX certificate is placed into the array (position 4-19)

  2. The Hdcp22RxPrivateKey array - This array holds the HDCP 2.2 RX certificate.
    The array has a size of 902 bytes. The contents are the header (4), license constant (36 bytes) and key set (862), so the total is 902 bytes.


Note: The actual Private Key size is 320 bytes.

The additional 20 bytes is for a hash code that can be used by the software application to verify the keys before loading them.

These additional bytes are not used by the HDCP driver.

For more details on how to load HDCP keys to the HDMI Subsystem, please refer to the HDCP RX Driver Integration in the HDMI RX Subsystem Product Guide (PG236) v2.0 and later.

AR# 67305
Date 08/31/2017
Status Active
Type General Article
  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort
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