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AR# 67370

Vivado - How can I find what non-default properties are used in my Vivado project?


Is there a Vivado Tcl command to programmatically find all of the non-default properties of a project, and the IP cores and process runs used in the project?


There is no specific command that gives the non-default properties used.  

However, the following foreach loops can be used to obtain the desired information.

Project Properties:

foreach prop [list_property [current_project]] {
set Dval [list_property_value -default $prop [current_project]]
set val [get_property $prop [current_project]]
if {$Dval != $val} {puts "$prop = $val"}}

IP properties:

foreach IPfile [get_ips] {
puts "\n $IPfile: \n";
foreach prop [list_property [get_ips $IPfile] -regexp {^CONFIG\.\w+$}] {
if {[get_property $prop\.value_src [get_ips $IPfile]]=="user"} {
puts "$prop = [get_property $prop [get_ips $IPfile]] ([get_property $prop\.value_src [get_ips $IPfile]])"

Process properties for project runs:

foreach proj_run [get_runs] {
puts "\n$proj_run\n"
foreach prop [list_property [get_runs $proj_run]] {
set Dval [list_property_value -default $prop [get_runs $proj_run]]
set val [get_property $prop [get_runs $proj_run]]
if {$Dval!=$val} {puts "$prop = $val"

AR# 67370
Date 07/14/2016
Status Active
Type General Article
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