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AR# 7770

PROM XC18V00 - How do I program an 1800 series prom using the JTAG programmer?


Keywords: 1800, prom, jtag, programmer

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
How do I program an 1800 series prom using the JTAG programmer?


It is possible to program an 1800 series prom using the JTAG programmer software (see solution 6850 for software support).

The procedure is as follows:

1. Using the Xilinx implementation tools, first create a bit file for the target device.

2. Using the Prom File Formatter (or Promgen) add all required bit files to create the prom file. Under File-> Prom Properties, make sure that it is set for MCS or EXORmacs. Also change the target device to the correct 1800 series prom. Then, File --> Save will write out both a filename.pdr file as well as the desired prom file (filename.mcs or filename.exo).

3. From the JTAG programmer, initialize (or manually add all devices) in the chain. Highlight the 1800 series prom, and then assign the created prom file to it (either MCS or EXO file). After you assign the prom file to the prom, a dialog box will prompt you to select the specific device and package of the 1800 series prom. Once the correct device and package are selected, it is possible to perform all normal JTAG operations on the prom, including erase and program.
AR# 7770
Date 09/30/2005
Status Archive
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