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AR# 808

5.x XDM - XC3100A-09 not selectable, gives "-9 is not a valid speed grade"


You have installed the XC3100A-09 speed files (3100aspd.zip from the BBS).
Now, if you change the device family in XDM to XC3100A, it asks you for a
part, then a speed grade. If you select -09 for the speed grade, the Part
field in XDM becomes InDesign instead of the -09 part you specified. Also,
if you try to change the Part field, specifying a -09, XDM will give you a
warning that says "-9 is not a valid speed grade," but will set the Part to
the XC3100A-09 device you wanted in the first place. This also happens if
you type "part (device) -09" from the XDM command line.


Be sure, after you have set the part type and speed grade, that the correct
device appears in the Part field. (It apparently works from Part but not
from Family.) The XDM message can be safely ignored.
AR# 808
Date 03/22/2000
Status Archive
Type ??????
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