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AR# 8203

2.1i Floorplanner - PCF file does not contain all comps of COREGen Delay Element


Keywords: delay, CORE Generator, COREGen, comps, PCF

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After adding the Delay Element from CORE Generator, I open the design in Floorplanner, place the Delay Element RPM "U7/danca/Delay/dly2", then save it. The resulting .pcf constraints are:

COMP "U7/danca/Delay/dly2/N9370" LOCATE = SITE "CLB_R32C45" LEVEL 1;
COMP "U7/danca/Delay/dly2/N9368" LOCATE = SITE "CLB_R31C45" LEVEL 1;
COMP "U7/danca/Delay/dly2/N9387" LOCATE = SITE "CLB_R30C45" LEVEL 1;
COMP "U7/danca/Delay/dly2/N239" LOCATE = SITE "CLB_R31C39" LEVEL 1;
COMP "U7/danca/Delay/dly2/N241" LOCATE = SITE "CLB_R32C39" LEVEL 1;

Note that there are only five constraints. There are more than five comps in the RPM, but only five constraints make it through the mapper into the .pcf file. This results in improper placement of the remaining unconstrained comps in the RPM.


To work around this problem, hand-edit the PCF file to add the line

MACRO "U7/danca/Delay/dly2/hset" LOCATE = SITE "CLB_R21C39" LEVEL 1 ;

to the end of the .pcf file. This syntax constrains the entire macro.

Please also see (Xilinx Solution 7966).
AR# 8203
Date 07/09/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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