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AR# 8642

JTAG Programmer - Error: "improper entity declarion" while parsing bsdl file


Keywords: JTAG, Programmer, parsing, BSDL, improper, entity, declaration

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When using generic or third-party BSDL files in the JTAG Programmer, the following error occurs:

'\...\generic.bsd'.....ERROR:JTag - Error of type 'Improper Entity declaration' encountered while parsing BSDL file at or near '(null)'.
ERROR:JTag - Error of type 'Check if source file is BSDL' encountered
while parsing BSDL file at or near '(null)'. terminated due to errors.
ERROR:JTag - Correct the above errors and issue the part command again.
ERROR:JTag - : The boundary-scan chain has not been declared correctly.
Verify the syntax and correctness of the device BSDL files, correct the files,
reset the cable and retry this command.


The above error is seen when a generic or third-party BSDL file contains syntax errors. To resolve this problem, make sure that the first uncommented line in the BSDL file is the entity declaration.


--Bogus BSDL File
--Updated: April 4, 1997

-- Generic BSDL file

-- Copyright Xilinx Corporation 1997

-- Xilinx assumes no liability, either expressed or implied, in the use of this BSDL file.


entity nothing_at_all is

For more information on generic BSDL files, refer to (Xilinx Answer 2707).
AR# 8642
Date 09/30/2005
Status Archive
Type ??????
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