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AR# 921

FLOORPLANNER-XACT: Unable to load fplan.pm occurs when opening the Floorplanner.


Keywords: Load, fplan.pm, XACT

Urgency: Low

Description: Unable to load fplan.pm. PPR usually saves the .pm file by default unless the Mapping phase is separated from the Placement.


1) Floorplanner requires the .pm file for the 5200.

2) PPR generates the .pm file.

3) The .pm file will be deleted if you separate the mapping phase in the flow engine. This is of course what most people do if they are likely to use the floorplanner which requires a map file!

4) You can force the .pm file to be saved by using /ppr/save_pm_file=true in an xactinit.dat file.

5) If you want to sent this control for the design you can do it by customising your implementation template. But if you do that, then it is case sensitive and you must use; ppr save_pm_file=TRUE
AR# 921
Date 05/24/1999
Status Archive
Type ??????
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