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AR# 9310

2.1i SP6 Timing Analyzer - "Problem running the TAEngine program for analyzing CPLDs. Process exit code 2."


Keywords: Timing Analyzer, CPLD, process, exit code, 2

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After downloading the Xilinx Service Pack 6 implementation data file, the following
error message appears, and I cannot generate timing reports from my XC9500 design:

"Problem running the TAEngine program for analyzing CPLDs. Process exit code 2.
For details, select Show Command Status in the Console window."



This is due to a bug that was introduced in Service Pack 6, which will be fixed in the
next software release (3.1i). The only work-around is to revert back to Service Pack 5.



The above error was seen when the user was operating from a network drive; a
work-around is to use a local drive.
AR# 9310
Date Created 05/19/2000
Last Updated 09/06/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article