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AR# 9431

*Obsolete* 3.1i BitGen - "ERROR: 145 - Pin ... is a persistent pin, but a component ..."


Keywords: readback, reconfiguration

Urgency: HOT

General Description:
When running BitGen (disabling only readback), persistent pin errors occur on the readback pins. If readback and reconfiguration are disabled, the errors do not appear.

This behavior is different from 2.1i.


Starting in 3.1i Service Pack 2, the persist option will not be put into the bitgen.ut file at all. This will eliminate the error, but will not ever persist the SelectMAP pins.

If you want the SelectMAP pins persisted, do one of the following:

- Use the template manager to add the -g Persist:Yes to the BitGen runtime.

- Set the environment variable XIL_GUI_SELECTMAP = 1. This will change the default behavior of the flow manager to include the Persist option as it
was implemented previously to Service Pack 2. That means that Persist:Yes will be set when either "Disable Readback" or "Enable Readback and
Reconfiguration" is selected in the Configuration template in DesignManager options.

The latest 3.1i Service Pack is available from the Download Center at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 3.1i Service Pack 2.
AR# 9431
Date 09/22/2005
Status Archive
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