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AR# 9570

2.1i ngd2vhdl.exe - File is flagged by McAffee Virus Checker as having W95 Dengue Virus


Virus, Dengue, ngd2vhdl, McAffee, 2.1i

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
After installing the 4083 dat updates under the 4.0.70
Scan Engine, McAffee flags ngd2vhdl.exe as having
the W95 Dengue Virus. This has been seen on
NGD2VHDL 2.1i with SP3, SP4, SP5 or SP6.


McAfee Scan Engine 4.0.4083 falsely identifies
ngd2vhdl.exe as being infected with the Dengue virus.

McAfee has corrected this error in their scan engine.
Upgrade the McAfee DAT files to version 4.0.4084,
dated 6/28/2000, or later to fix this problem.

AR# 9570
Date 12/09/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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