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AR# 961

HW-120 adapters compatible with HW-130?


Keywords: HW-130, HW-130, HW130, HW120, adapter

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
1. Are HW-120 adapters compatible with the HW-130 programmer,
or are new adapters required?

2. HW-130: Programmer flashes red fail light when the HW-12x
adapter is in place, indicating that it thinks there is a
problem with the device loaded in the adapter, even though no
device is present.

Without the adapter in the programmer, the hw130 program complains
that there is no socket present.



HW-120 adapters for: Compatible?
7300 and 7200 devices Yes
1700 devices No

HW-120 adapters for the 1700 serial PROM devices are not
compatible with the HW-130 programmer because the
HW-120 adapters have active components that will not work
with the HW-130.


The HW-12x adapters (for example, HW-126-PC44) are manufactured
by LDI and were originally designed for the HW120 programmer.
These adapters are compatible with the HW130 programmer and
should program the 7300 parts properly, except that you may see
the problem described here.

What is happening is that the adapter is drawing some small
amount of current when the programmer is powering up, and this
causes the HW-130 to think that there is a part in the

The workaround is to not insert the adapter until after you
have powered up the programmer and started up the HW130
software. Insert the adapter just before you try to load the
PRG file. The program will try to look for the
device as soon as you try to load in the PRG file. You should
get a message saying that it sees an "LDI adapter". (With the
HW130 adapters, HW-13x, hw130 should indicate that it sees an
HW130 adapter.)
AR# 961
Date 09/30/2005
Status Archive
Type ??????
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