Xilinx hands-on FPGA and Embedded SoC design training provides you the foundational knowledge necessary to begin designing right away. These programs target both engineers new to FPGA and SoC technology and experienced engineers developing complex connectivity, digital signal processing, or embedded solutions. Contact your local Sales Rep or Authorized Training Provider to see if your company has any Training Credits available.

Live Online Interactive FPGA Training


Xilinx Live Online Interactive Training is delivered via an innovative technical training portal focused on high quality, interactive and live training. Unconstrained by geographic boundaries we have a growing network of instructors across the globe via our Authorized Training Provider network who are able to offer a wide range of our Xilinx courses. Live Online Interactive Training offers:

  • A portal for desktop and application sharing for interactive demonstrations and labs, with a chat option for questions
  • An optional feature to remotely log in to training laptops if you don’t want to install labs or licenses locally
  • Workbooks that include presentation materials and labs
  • Class sizes limited to allow for maximum interaction with trainers

Xilinx Live Interactive Online Training is designed for attendees who are unable to travel to classroom events, are looking for cost effective solutions which reduce travel budgets, or desire flexible training over longer periods of time. Private online training can be customized to your teams availability.


Recorded Online Interactive FPGA Training


Xilinx Recorded Online Interactive Training offers full length training available 24x7 at your own pace. Delivered by our Authorized Training Provider network, the training package includes:

  • Access to a series of online video training modules
  • A workbook that includes the presentation material and notes
  • A lab workbook providing instructions for 4 lab exercises


  • Essential Tcl Scripting for the Vivado Design Suite
  • Designing with the 7-Series FPGA Families


Instructor-led Training

Xilinx’s instructor-led training offers an extensive curricula delivered by experts worldwide in a personalized and immersive classroom environment. Our extensive network of authorized training providers can tailor these curricula to meet your specific training needs.

Courses are available today in the following subject areas:

  • Embedded
  • HLx and SDx
  • Architecture
  • FPGA
  • Connectivity
  • DSP
  • Languages

Online Training Videos

Xilinx's Online Training covers a vast array of topics, ranging from Design Best Practices and Coding Techniques; ASIC to FPGA Conversion Strategies; and Device Architecture. Provided at no charge through, online training is perfect for designers looking for quick answers to common questions.

Online Training is available today in the following categories:

FPGAs & 3D ICs

SoCs & MPSoCs

Software Zone

Hardware Zone


All Videos

Self-Paced Tutorials

These self-paced tutorials are designed for engineers who prefer learning on their own. They cover a wide range of topics, including FPGA and SoC design best practices and tool-specific training.

Self-Paced training is available in the following categories: