Editor’s Note: This content is contributed By By Rakesh Cheerla, Product Manager for Storage Solutions, Nick Tausanovitch, Data Center System Architect, and Paul Hartke, Senior Staff Engineer


This year, Flash Memory Summit (FMS) will highlight Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe), Non-Volatile Memory Express over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), Persistent Memory, advanced memory technologies, and key Open Source software topics. Xilinx, the leader in production-ready Storage Array to Host Connectivity, will exhibit its next-generation flash storage solutions across ecosystems, partners, and customers.


The data deluge

Cloud computing is everywhere. Compute requirements within cloud environments are growing exponentially, but at the same time, the demise of Moore’s Law is limiting the ability of traditional compute to keep pace. The emergence and proliferation of compute hungry workloads create the need for adaptable heterogenous computing architectures now more than ever.

As the torrent of data grows, a new class of storage platforms is needed in tomorrow’s exabyte-scale data centers. The rapid deployment of high performance NVMe and persistent memory architectures will accelerate the adoption of such storage platforms. One of the key elements of performance scalability is that the acceleration platform be part of the storage subsystem and it scales with storage capacity. Xilinx has focused on emerging server and storage architecture where acceleration is moved closer to data. Join the keynote session on Wednesday to learn what Xilinx offers as the foundation for next-generation cloud data centers.


Smart storage solutions with Xilinx FPGAs

Today, NVMe and NVMe-oF offer ultra low latency and high performance storage transfers, drastically reducing the duration CPUs have to wait for them to occur. While pressure on CPUs to keep up is high, FPGAs can help by offloading specific tasks. Xilinx FPGAs provide highly adaptable platforms that can improve performance for a wide variety of use cases and workloads such as aggregation or on-demand storage, protocol overhead processing, transfer acceleration, etc. At FMS, Xilinx will discuss how users can take full advantage of the capabilities of Xilinx FPGAs to enable smart, scalable, and configurable NVMe and NVMe-oF system solutions.


FPGAs can move data faster

You can never go fast enough in the world of Big Data. Host CPUs are hitting the limits of Moore’s Law and huge data arrays are leading to a tremendous increase in performance requirements for real-time analytics. One solution is to add FPGA-based accelerators close to storage endpoints. The optimized processing engines in the FPGA can move data, perform operations in hardware, and remove much of the overhead from the PCIe connection. At FMS, Xilinx will demonstrate that this approach increases overall performance by up to 10-25X for many database applications.


The modular flash controller powered by Xilinx

Last year, Burlywood became the industry’s first modular controller architecture designed specifically for hyperscale data centers and all-flash-array/hyper-converged infrastructure systems. Built on the latest Xilinx UltraScale+™ FPGA, Burlywood's TrueFlash™ software-defined flash takes advantage of the power, performance, and cost improvements of Xilinx devices while allowing customers to quickly optimize their solutions. Visit the Xilinx booth to see how Burlywood custom-tunes their flash with Xilinx FPGAs to perfectly match any workload while providing significant cost savings.


Enabling a new generation of storage and analytics

Eideticom’s NoLoad 250-U2 is the storage industry’s first NVMe compatible scale-out accelerator in a U.2 form factor and utilizes energy-efficient FPGAs from Xilinx deployed on a 250-U2 hardware platform provided by Nallatech. The combination of adaptable Xilinx FPGA technology with the unique capabilities of the NoLoad NVMe U.2 computational storage platform enables the rapid deployment of customized acceleration for emerging storage, data center, and high performance computing workloads. 


And More

Xilinx invites everyone to stop by booth #313 to see our complete line up of hardware and software stacks for FPGA-based storage acceleration solutions. See you at the show!


To learn more about Xilinx at FMS, https://www.xilinx.com/about/events/fms-2018.html


Original Date: 07-26-2018