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Industrial IoT Attacks are Growing:



Growing Attacks on Healthcare Infrastructure:



What is XSWG, and how is it going to help protect Industrial and Healthcare IoT assets?

200+ users are following Xilinx’s call to join the 2019 Xilinx Security Working Group (XSWG) events in San Jose, CA, Longmont, CO, Washington, D.C, and Munich, Germany. In our fifth year of hosting XSWGs, each of these four worldwide events are vivid and interactive exchanges between Xilinx customers, partners, and industry authorities. Xilinx architects, field application engineers (FAEs), and strategy owners from Xilinx’s market segments (industrial, vision, healthcare & sciences, automotive, and aerospace & defense) gather to teach, learn, and share security information. Xilinx’s Center of Excellence for Safety and Security guides the participants through the sessions with in-depth presentations and previewed information about innovations that will be released later this year - under NDA, of course.

Because there is so much more to discuss, not only with existing FPGA and SoC products but also with Xilinx’s new 7nm Versal ACAP (adaptive compute acceleration platform) products, we encourage you to attend, free of charge, Xilinx’s annual security working group (XSWG) multi-day events with three locations in North America and one in Europe*. The San Jose and Munich locations will feature sessions on Industrial and Healthcare IoT security.

<Wesley Skeffington, Principle Engineer presenting Security in Industrial & Healthcare IoT at XSWG San Jose on October 2, 2019>


Start your Embedded Cybersecurity Journey

Whether you support industrial or healthcare applications, we urge you to check out (and share with colleagues) both whitepapers written by Xilinx cybersecurity experts: 

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Watch a video from Xilinx on an effective Cyber Attack defense solution for your Healthcare or Industrial ‘Neighborhood!’


Original Date: 10-08-2019