Editor’s Note: This content is contributed by Ryan Koehn, Product Line Manager for Mid-Range ACAPs and FPGAs


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In April, Xilinx hit an exciting milestone as we announced full production shipments for the Versal™ AI Core series and Versal Prime series. For the Versal Prime series, this means the first of the VM1xxx production devices are available; VM1xxx devices feature PCIe® Gen 4 support and 32G GTY transceivers along with the programmable network on chip (NoC) and other software-programmable silicon infrastructure common to all Versal ACAPs. With a wide range of device sizes, VM1xxx devices are ideal for inline storage acceleration, satellite and other avionics control applications, and more.

As we hit this production milestone, I’m excited to announce several updates to the VM2xxx device portfolio within the Prime series. First, all VM2xxx devices have been upgraded to support PCIe Gen 5, with PCIe Gen 5 capable GTYP transceivers and support for PCIe Gen 5 in both the CCIX & PCIe Module (CPM) and PL PCIe hard IP blocks. Combined with existing support for 58G PAM4 GTM transceivers, this change will allow VM2xxx devices to support current and next-generation applications in data center and wired networking, along with communications test equipment, memory testers, and medical imaging systems.

Additionally, we’ve added a new device, the VM2202, to the Prime series. The VM2202 expands the breadth of the VM2xxx device portfolio, offering a mid-size device with support for PCIe Gen 5. Unlike the rest of the VM2xxx devices, the VM2202 will not feature 58G transceivers, but it will offer the highest density of PCIe Gen 5 capable GTYP transceivers in the Prime series.

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We’re also continuing to expand the capabilities of the VM1xxx device portfolio with an update to the VM1502 device. The soft logic resources in the VM1502 have been increased, which, when combined with the substantial hard IP already present, creates a device capable of breakthrough performance in networking and test & measurement applications while offering packaging options as small as 35mm x 35mm. We’ve also added a new package footprint to the VM1502, the A2197 footprint, expanding the migration potential between this and other Versal ACAP devices.

These changes cement the Prime series’ position as the broadest Versal ACAP portfolio. Through the combination of the VM1xxx and VM2xxx device offerings, the Prime series delivers low-latency inline acceleration with diverse connectivity options for a wide range of applications that span multiple markets. The Prime series capitalizes on the foundational elements of the ACAP architecture, combining heterogeneous compute engines with expansive software programmable silicon infrastructure to shatter the ceiling created by the end of Moore’s law and enable breakthrough performance for next-generation systems.

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Check out the Versal Prime Series Product Selection Guide to get the full details on these updates to the Versal Prime series. Contact your local Xilinx representative for information about the availability Versal Prime series devices, including VM2xxx devices, and explore the Prime series architecture with the Versal Prime Series VMK180 Evaluation Kit.