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Breakthrough Performance/Watt for Sensor to AI to Real-Time Control - Versal AI Edge Series Now Shipping!

August 31, 2022

Editor’s Note: This content is contributed by Steph Gauthier, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Versal AI Edge series at AMD


AMD has recently started shipping pre-production devices of the Versal® AI Edge VE1752 ACAP.  Springboarding off the success of Versal AI Core series, Versal AI Edge series is the new addition to the 7nm Versal® adaptive compute acceleration platform (ACAP) portfolio.


The Versal AI Edge series targets the most demanding real-time compute- intensive applications such as driver assist, autonomous driving, predictive factory, healthcare systems, multi-mission payloads in aerospace & defense, and a breadth of other applications.

Featuring AMD’s revolutionary new AI Engines, the Versal AI Edge series delivers extreme levels of AI and sensor processing compute density for applications that require the highest levels of safety and security to meet critical standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508. 

Combining the massive vector compute capabilities of the AI Engine with the Scalar Engines, adaptable hardware, DSP Engines, and programmable network on chip (NoC), the Versal AI Edge series accelerates the whole application from the sensor to AI to real-time control.


<Versal AI Edge Series: Delivering Breakthrough AI and Compute Performance/Watt for Real-Time Systems>


The VE1752 device features 304 AI Engines, 1312 DSP Engines, and 375 KLUTs for a total 124 TOPs of performance. The VE1752 device is the first in a broad portfolio of Versal AI Edge devices, providing designers with the highest levels of scalability and flexibility to meet a wide range of performance/power targets. 


To find out more about the Versal AI Edge series, please visit the product page.