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Skreens Skylar Service for Live Video Management | Skreens

Written by: Aaron Behman, Product Marketing Director, Video Transcoding at AMD, and Lynn Birch, Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Engineering at Skreens

The Transition from On-Premises to Cloud-Based Production

The workflows of broadcasters and content creators—like those in many other industries —have been affected by the mindset changes that were ushered in by COVID and exacerbated by tough economic times and staffing shortages. Broadcast producers and engineers, security camera operators, and enterprise companies expanded their live-video systems to work remotely during the pandemic. Large studios and control rooms with traditional on-premises video delivery methods have been replaced with distributed or decentralized production workflows spread across multiple broadcast facilities and home-based staff, taking advantage of IP workflows and working in the cloud.

As more broadcasters, content creators, and enterprises look at making the shift to cloud-based workflows more permanent, here are some considerations to keep in mind for overcoming the challenges and complexities of the new systems.


Three Key Issues Broadcasters Must Consider When Shifting to Cloud-Based Remote Production

Security Factors - Security is a massive problem with live video IP-based workflows coming from multiple locations and suppliers and then going between geographically dispersed employees. There is often no single, global, secure location for your live video assets. In addition, many on-premises, legacy systems—such as devices with hard-coded passwords that are unable to encrypt control messages—don’t support the security that enterprise software typically uses.

Broadcast system service vendors have emerged that support the standard network security practices of enterprise-level IT. With the right cloud-based, live-video solution, you can gain peace of mind by knowing all your live video assets are in a single, secure location from which they can be safely re-routed with auditing and encryption. This ensures video assets won’t damage part of your network or other devices. And it enables you to protect your contribution links so no one can tap into your network and access content.

Latency Concerns - The drive towards low latency in broadcasting is never-ending, and higher latency is a big concern, particularly during live sporting and gaming events. And of course, with the transition to IP-enabled remote production, broadcasters are relying on video streaming to support their workforce’s collaboration, which requires latency between video production elements to be kept as low as possible.

Many factors contribute to latency, including the network speed and type, the individual components in the broadcast workflow, and the choice of protocols and output formats. But with the right cloud-based live video management software service, broadcasters can easily overcome latency concerns and complexities.

Cloud-based software solutions for multistream video transcoding already exist today that run on Amazon EC2 VT1 instances accelerated by AMD Xilinx adaptive SoCs. Skreens is one particular solution that can be delivered as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. It provides ultra-low latency, allowing you and your distributed workforce teams to fully realize the promise of real-time encoded interactive and premium video content.

Content Personalization At Scale – In IP-enabled hybrid broadcast production, it’s difficult and time-consuming to modify and create new versions of live videos with overlays and video walls or add monitoring windows without adding lag. These capabilities have heavy processing requirements, such as those supported in traditional network operations centers (NOCs).

The challenge of creating customized content remotely can be quickly overcome with the right cloud-based broadcast software service. Broadcasters can enable their workforce team members to develop personalized NOCs or video walls per individual user. This provides each team member with the flexibility to easily change the content and configuration of mosaics or multiviews in real-time while preserving bandwidth.

Skreens Skylar Service for Live Video Management

Whether it’s a single-input, multiple cameras, and streams, or enterprise-level live video content, Skreens improves workforce efficiency for broadcasters and content creators by providing the scalability, security, and ultra-low latency needed to build and run a live video production studio in the cloud through an instant-on model. And Skreens enables you to deliver your video workflows from anywhere, using any platform or device.

You can build interactive and collaborative experiences while eliminating complexity, costs, and scaling issues. Skreens allows you to harness the power of accelerated AMD Xilinx adaptive SoCs via AWS VT1 cloud instances to fully realize the promise of real-time encoded interactive and premium video content. Skreens delivers all live-video content securely with enterprise-level single sign-on (SSO) and encryption at ultra-low latency (ULL) through a flexible platform that offers unparalleled reliability and scalability.

The Skreens Skylar Service makes all your live-video workflows simple to manage. It’s easy to use, powerful, scalable, and secure. Skreens video mosaics allow for a channel-in-a-box functionality for delivering the video to content creators or end-users. It integrates all the tools you need to manage your live video assets and is live-video-ecosystem-friendly.

Skreens also allows broadcasters, live streamers, and enterprises to reinvent personalized viewing experiences for their audiences and deliver multiple live-video experiences in real-time while cutting high-bandwidth distribution costs.

You can get a live demo of Skreens Skylar Service for Live Video Management to visit them in the AMD Xilinx booth, N1015, North Hall, at the NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, April 23-27, 2002. Get more info about the NAB Show here or register to attend.

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Test drive the Skreens Skylar Service for Live Video Management within your environment using your AWS Marketplace credits. Discover how the platform empowers users to reimagine the live video experiences while providing adaptive SoCs and all the tools needed to cost-effectively route, edit, or watch live video streams in ultra-low latency, securely, and at scale.