Webinar Series: April 16 - May 7

If you are a Software or AI developer looking to accelerate your applications, you don’t want to miss our free webinar series on Vitis™ and Vitis AI development environments!  Learn about adapting the architecture of your deployment platforms to meet the growing challenges and unique requirements of your applications, while continuing to use high-level frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe, and develop in familiar programming languages like C,C++ and Python.

Tune in every Thursday where we will cover AI inferencing solutions, open-source performance-optimized libraries, comprehensive developer tools, and design methodology.  Click on your preferred time and register below for the modules you are most interested in!

Date Time Topic
- On Demand​ Introducing Vitis Unified Software Platform ​ Join us to learn about Vitis and dive into its comprehensive core development kit, rich set of hardware-accelerated, open-source libraries, and domain-specific development environments that will enable your development in familiar, higher-level frameworks. Go beyond and innovate ahead of the curve with Vitis! ​
- On Demand​ AI Inference Acceleration with Vitis AI​ Do you want to keep up with AI innovation and unify AI application development from edge to cloud? Use Xilinx’s development environment, Vitis AI, for AI inference on Xilinx hardware platforms including both edge devices and Alveo cards. Vitis consists of optimized IP, tools, libraries, models,  and example designs. This webinar will go in-depth with each of the key components of Vitis AI and show you how it delivers adaptable and efficient AI inference on Xilinx hardware platforms.​
April 16 8:00AM PDT Vitis AI Deep Dive ­­Do you want to accelerate your deep learning applications on FPGA without writing RTL code? Join us in this webinar to learn how you can use Vitis AI to deploy and run your pre-trained DNN models to Xilinx’s embedded SoC and Alveo acceleration platforms. Learn about the tools and libraries offered, and see a demo walk-through of getting started with using Vitis AI to run examples on the board
8:00PM PDT
April 23​ 8:00AM PDT
Development with Vitis Accelerated Libraries ​ ­­Want to leverage the computational power of Xilinx platforms for your applications but have little to no FPGA design experience ? Join us in this webinar to learn how you can hit the ground running using Vitis Accelerated libraries : 400+ open-source, pre-optimized functions enabling out of the box acceleration for range of applications like Quantitative Finance, AI Inference, Data Compression and many more ! Learn about the different levels of abstraction offered, see a demo walk-through of getting started with using the Vitis libraries and get a glimpse of the performance benefits you can achieve.
8:00PM  PDT
April 30​ 8:00AM  PDT
Design Methodology for Developing Accelerated Applications​ Maximizing the adaptability of Xilinx platforms for your algorithms and applications, begins with an understanding of the design methodology for acceleration. In this webinar, we will to introduce developers to the methodology for architecting accelerated applications and discuss the best practices for developing high-performance kernels using C/C++. We will use a demo walkthrough to cover topics that include establishing performance goals, identifying functions suitable for acceleration, performance optimization techniques and Vitis developer tools available to profile and analyze performance.
8:00PM  PDT
May 7​ 8:00AM  PDT
Whole Application Acceleration : Designing an AI-enabled System  ​ Deploying AI-enabled applications in production, whether at the Edge or in the Cloud, demand looking beyond the compute requirements (TOPS) of just the "AI" component in isolation. Meeting the overall system-level functionality and performance requirements, requires looking at the application as a Whole - bringing together both the AI and other non-AI performance-critical functionality. In this webinar, we will show how Vitis and Vitis AI enable developers to accelerate the whole application on Xilinx platforms.
8:00PM  PDT

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