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Product Demos

Join us in the Xilinx Booth # 2311 as we demonstration our end-to-end 5G infrastructure solutions with several new and innovative demonstrations of our technology.

Product Demos

Converged Transport for 4G, 5G & PON
  • Converged Access Network: 4G & 5G coexistence with both CPRI, eCPRI, RoE transport using Ethernet
  • Controlled latency: Time Sensitive Networking with IEEE 802.1CM for optimal network design
  • Network Slicing: hard demarcation of services and fixed latency transport
Flexible 5G vRAN Acceleration using Xilinx Alveo
  • Flexible High Performance acceleration of virtualized RAN for 5G Telco Cloud
Inband telemetry for access and transport networks
  • Building efficient low latency networks through flexible in band application level telemetry
100Gbps+ Silicon Photonics Optical Transceiver 
  • Xilinx is giving attendees a glimpse into the future of networking with 100Gbps+ PAM4 single-mode integrated optical transceiver over silicon photonic technology.
  • This implementation features a 100Gbps+ PAM4 single-mode (1310nm) integrated optical transceiver over silicon photonic in 16nm.

Booth Information

Xilinx Booth # 2311
March 10 - 12
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, CA

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Xilinx Talks

Enabling Interoperability Today for Next-Generation Ethernet Solutions

Presenter: Shawn Nicholl, Director, Design Engineering, Ethernet/Interlaken Solutions, Xilinx.Inc
Tuesday, 3/10 @ 10:15am – 11:15am | TBD

A healthy and interoperable Ethernet ecosystem demands equipment suppliers to deploy high performance systems that are scalable, adaptable, and intelligent.  In order to satisfy customers' insatiable demand for bandwidth, network signaling rates have grown to reach speeds that demand PAM4 modulation.  As the vast majority of network traffic passes over electrical interfaces of silicon devices, the transceiver capabilities of those devices have increased to a point where the most-capable and cutting edge devices operate at 56G PAM4 and 112G PAM4 serial rates.  At the same time, Ethernet applications have also expanded to include many lower rates.  For improved economics, it is often beneficial for all of these rates to be supported in a single solution.  Moreover, the chosen solution must interoperate with a wide mix of network peers.

This talk will provide a perspective from a network solution and silicon provider.  Xilinx solutions such as Alveo accelerator cards, Versal ACAP heterogeneous compute platform, UltraScale family of FPGA devices, along with complementary software and hardware-programmable IP (Intellectual Property) provide the capabilities required to ensure interoperability across this range of highly-demanding Ethernet applications and rates.  The presentation will discuss how the selection of components that are flexible in nature can help to reduce time-to-market development while providing field-upgradable solutions that continuously evolve as given protocols and applications gain wider deployment.  The talk will point out the importance of contributing to the development of networking standards along with other industry members.  Furthermore, there will be a reflection on in-house testing, the role of automation, and the importance of multi-vendor interoperability testing.


VersalTM ACAPs: for creators of the highest bandwidth, most secure networks

Presenter: Mike Thompson, Sr PLM - Virtex Portfolio, Xilinx.Inc
March 11 @ 11:00 am – 11:30 am | Expo Theater III – Booth #2239

For those developing next generation highest speed, secure networks targeting emerging technologies and protocols, we’ll present an overview of integrated technologies in Versal ACAP devices including 112G PAM4 transceivers, off-the-shelf Ethernet and OTN connectivity, encryption, PCIe Gen5, and large FPGA fabric that together minimize power consumption and time to market.

Xilinx Ecosystem Partners

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EXFO FlexE Interop 2801
ITU 6216
Mentor Graphics 5715
NetQuest 3851
Precise-ITC 1913
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