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Automotive World 2021 - Xilinx Virtual Booth Plus


SUBARU New-Generation EyeSight

Stereo Forward-Looking Camera System

  • Evaluate system performance immediately by implementing algorithms into Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC's Programmable Logic fabric
    • Hardware flexibility allows you to enhance HW performance at any stage of development even throughout mass production lifecycle
  • Realize low latency at high performance
    • For vision processing, there's no need to access external DDR memory - Which reduces latency
  • Achieve requisite functional safety levels for various ADAS features
    • The system meets strict ASIL requirements
Standard RGB


LiDAR 3D Point Cloud Perception

  • Realize real-time processing with Vitis™ AI
    • Vitis AI supports the quantization, compilation, and deployment of the PointPillars model — and runs efficiently on Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC with integrated DPU cores
  • Achieve enhanced perception with optimized CNN algorithm performance
    • Computing reduced by 7x: 70Gops -> 10Gops pruned
    • 13x end-to-end performance improvement
  • Detect multiple object clessifications
    • Pedestrian, vehicle, and bicycle


EV Motor Control System

Universal Controller Board

  • Speed up the development of motor control applications that utilize Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology
  • Enable hardware acceleration for faster switching speeds of SiC with a single device
  • Improve motor efficiency with advanced algorithms in dedicated logic, resulting in fast control loops for high power efficiency


High-Performance and Cybersecure Automotive Computing Platform

  • A holistic and high-performance connectivity solution – running multiple operating systems (OS agnostic) with built-in security (security by design) and domain isolation
  • A consolidated platform that decreases power consumption, digital traffic, and lifecycle costs of the vehicle while allowing dedicated HW and SW resources for future changes or extensions
  • Scalable and flexible with the ability to program future extensions for firmware or software updates (including OTA) without needing to physically add hardware or extra wiring