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Adaptive Computing & Intelligent AV

The Pro AV and Broadcast markets are rapidly adopting UHD HDR video and IP-based transport protocols. This leads to increasing demands for bandwidth, storage, real-time low latency video processing and compression, with the ability to differentiate through video quality improvements and features. Building on AMD-Xilinx adaptive computing platforms results in highly integrated and cost-optimized products with tight coupling between software and multichannel AV processing pipelines. Additionally, the smart home market is adopting more sophisticated technology for multi-user game streaming, facial recognition for smart door locks, speech detection at the edge, and ultra-short-throw projectors.

At ISE 2022, the AMD-Xilinx Pro AV, Broadcast & Consumer team and our Alliance Program Members are showcasing new 4K, 8K, AV-over-IP and machine learning technologies on leading-edge AMD-Xilinx platforms that enable innovation, differentiation, and faster time-to-market. 

Please visit us at booth #5Q650 – reach out to your AMD-Xilinx sales team to schedule a meeting. 

Demo Title Description
Multichannel 8K Built on the Xilinx Versal® ACAP, we demonstrate how its transceivers, adaptable engines and on-chip network can handle multiple channels of 8K and 4K UHD through HDMI® 2.1 and DisplayPort™ 1.4 interfaces. 
Video Warp Processor Showcasing the new Xilinx LogiCORE™ IP Video Warp Processor this demonstration shows how input video frames can be warped in different ways: keystone, pincushion, barrel, arbitrary, scaling, rotation, and translation. The warp processor is intended for use in projection systems, retail signage and anywhere lens distortion correction is needed (e.g. wide FOV collaboration cameras).
HDR Streaming  Highlighting the expanded capabilities of the Zynq® UltraScale+™ MPSoC H.264/H.265 Video Codec Unit (VCU) and its multimedia framework, this demonstration shows how HDR metadata is correctly handled through the entire capture, encode, decode and display pipeline. 
Xilinx Full Chroma Mode  We show how it is now possible to stream full chroma 4:4:4 video content using the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC VCU and H.264/H.265. This mode means that full chroma quality is preserved, which is particularly important for streaming desktop/PC content over an IP network (e.g. remote KVM applications).
IPMX AV-over-IP cores  Adeas & Nextera Video provide a fully-integrated hardware/software IP core solution for IPMX supporting 4K HDMI over 1Gb Ethernet. Built on the open, scalable and interoperable IMPX standard, the system incorporates intoPIX JPEG-XS compression codecs, NMOS (for plug-and-play system-level device control) and the new IPMX async timing specification VSF TR-10-1. 
NDI® AV-over-IP Network Device Interface (NDI) allows anyone to use real time, ultra-low latency video on existing IP video networks. We’ll demonstrate various NDI products built on Xilinx adaptive compute platforms, all connected over IP in a simple end-to-end AV network: BirdDog P4K PTZ Camera, Magewell Pro Convert NDI Encoder, Kiloview N40 4K HDMI/NDI Converter, SWIT BM-215-NDI 21.5” Professional NDI Monitor and the Xilinx ZCU104 Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Evaluation Kit.
Keyword Detection  Aimed at simple AV equipment and room set-up using voice control, this demonstration highlights the natural language processing (NLP) SmartVision app running on the Xilinx Kria™ SOM. This edge application detects specific keywords spoken by the user and showcases keyword-based dynamic switching between multiple vision tasks and/or changes the display properties.
Machine Learning for Signage, Collaboration and Smart Access  Presented by Makarena Labs, multiple machine learning applications relevant to pro AV and smart homes are shown. Face, person & object analysis is performed on the Xilinx Kria SOM using Makarena Labs’ MuseBox ML system, applicable to many AV applications including collaboration. MuseBox is also used with an animatronic figure to highlight facial recognition for secure access, as well as motor control for AV robotics applications. Also shown is a product built for retail digital signage that uses ML to analyse which advertisements attract the highest number of people in order to maximize revenue, and use collected metadata (e.g. gender, age, etc…) to refine targeted advertising.