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Join the Xilinx Team at Mobile World Congress 2022

Join the Xilinx Team at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2022

Join the Xilinx Team at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2022 to see our latest, industry-leading 5G solutions and discuss your project requirements.

At MWC, we’ll show you how our cutting-edge radio and CU/DU systems technologies are delivering ground breaking 5G experiences to 5G System vendors, Mobile operators  and enterprise customers .

Please visit us in Hall 2, Stand 2M61

Power Hour theatre session - 5G Leadership with Technology and Solutions

Xilinx is also hosting a Power Hour theatre session entitled “5G Leadership with Technology and Solutions” on Wednesday, March 2 at 9:30 a.m. in Theatre 2, Hall 7. 

Join Xilinx as we share what 5G technology leadership means, with presentations from our own 5G experts, customers, and partners on topics ranging from cutting-edge radios to the 5G core. 


Demo Title Description
5G Open RAN mMIMO Radio 64T64R Prototype Xilinx will showcase 64T64R massive MIMO radio prototype demonstrating 5G radio performance and compliance to the O-RAN fronthaul specification in both uplink and downlink. The massive MIMO radio supports the O-RAN Split 7.2 system architecture and is built on our newest silicon: Versal AI for beamforming and RFSoC DFE for the digital front end. Compliance to the O-RAN fronthaul will be demonstrated using a Keysight DU emulator (base station) and 5G performance will be measured using a Keysight UE emulator (mobile handset).
5G vRAN Platform In this demo, a complete 5G NR Layer 1 vRAN system is demonstrated on high performance AMD servers with the highest complexity FEC modules accelerated on Xilinx T2 acceleration cards. This achieves high performance with increased power efficiency making this a power and cost-efficient solution for CSPs. AccelerComm, a provider of high-performance acceleration solutions for 4G/5G and other wireless applications is providing IP for high-PHY acceleration and Phluido is providing Layer 1 vRAN software.
RFSoC DFE 400MHz Radio This demonstration shows a high performance DFE and RF front-end for a 400MHz iBW 30dBm output power RU. The setup uses the latest merchant silicon for radio from Xilinx (Zynq RFSoC DFE) to implement all the DFE processing including DPD along with an integrated direct RF sampling transceiver. The RF power amplifier used in the demonstration is the SKY66520-11 from Skyworks Solutions Inc. For more information on the Zynq RFSoC DFE please visit www.xilinx.com/rfsoc-dfe
5G NR Open-Source System Open Air Interface (OAI) has developed an open source end-to-end 5G NR system. For achieving high performance this system also integrates the Xilinx T1 acceleration card with which LDPC encoding and decoding are accelerated to improve the overall performance of the system. This demonstration shows such an open source 5G NR system communicating with commercially available user equipment.
5G  Cloud RAN performance with live traffic This demo shows the complete (UE to Edge Cloud) data flow from Amrisoft UE emulator to 5G mobile core and vice versa with low power 5G O-RU . 5G Radio Unit, Fronthaul with timing and FEC offload is indigenously developed by VVDN on Xilinx’s T1 Telco accelerator card. Xilinx T1 card is used as well for fronthaul traffic and timing synchronization at the 5G O-DU. Video or FTP server runs in mobile core to demonstrate the edge cloud data path performance. 5G UE emulator streams the real time video stored at edge cloud server via downlink path.