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Join the AMD Xilinx Team at OFC 2022

Join the AMD Xilinx Team at OFC in San Diego from March 8 – 10 2022. 
Visit us at OFC to see our next generation Optical / Ethernet platforms and high-performance security and discuss your project requirements. Please visit us at Booth #5711

Featured AMD Xilinx Exhibitions

Technology Showcase - 2.4Tb SmartPHY: Solutions for Next Generation 2.4Tb+ Line Systems

Xilinx is also speaking as part of the OFC Technology Showcase 2022 on Wednesday 09 March at 10:15 – 10:45.

A new breed of solutions are needed for rate tuneable coherent optics evolving to 1.2Tbps. Xilinx will showcase industry-leading SmartPHY density, using a single Versal Premium ACAP to create line systems up to 2.4Tbps+ allowing use of current and legacy interfaces and ability to split clients over multiple wavelengths.​

Join Harpinder Matharu, Senior Director Technical Marketing for this 30 min presentation.

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Ethernet Alliance Panel Discussion - Ethernet Physical Layer: Becoming Industry’s Defacto Standard for Connectivity

Faisal Dada, Principle Architect & Director at AMD Xilinx will take part in the Ethernet Alliance Panel Discussion - Ethernet Physical Layer: Becoming Industry’s Defacto Standard for Connectivity.

The Presentation & Discussion to explore the following: ​

  • Why Ethernet defacto standard for connectivity? 
  • Multi Lane Transmission: How Ethernet defined and created the method for transmission of large signals over multiple lanes​
  • Ethernet FEC choice and how that has become the norm for SERDES and interconnection​
  • How other bodies have used what IEEE has defined to create newer “Ethernet” rates like ETC with 800G​
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AMD Xilinx Demos

Demo Title Description
400G Cryptographic Acceleration​ This demonstration features the Network Security offering by Xilinx to protect data integrity and confidentiality at 400Gbps using MACSec (Layer 2) over Ethernet. The 7nm Xilinx® Versal® Premium High Speed Crypto (HSC) engine used in this demonstration offers up to 400Gbps Encrypt/Decrypt functionality to secure high speed networks and Data Center Interconnect.​
Xilinx Hardened 100G-400G Switchable Ethernet​ This demonstration features switchable 100G, 200G and 400G Ethernet port speeds. The 7nm Xilinx® Versal® FPGA showcase is enabled utilizing the Integrated Multi-rate hardened Ethernet IP.​
Interoperability of 800G Ethernet​ Next-generation networks require even higher bandwidth. Xilinx is addressing that with high density multi-800G devices and showcasing interoperation of 800GE ETC with EXFO using Versal ACAP devices. The 7nm Xilinx® Versal® Premium demonstration is enabled utilizing the Integrated hardened Ethernet IP.​
Co-Packaged Optics​ Xilinx has partnered with Ranovus to demonstrate a new form factor of 800G optical interconnect.  By integrating the optics into the package with Xilinx® Versal® Premium, Xilinx and Ranovus are able to drastically reduce power, simplify board routing and reduce cost.​
Technology Leadership​ Xilinx T1 Telco Accelerator Card: Layer-1 Offload for 5G Virtual Baseband​
Xena: Freya 800Gbps Test Module for the Valkyrie Traffic Generation & Analysis platform​Xilinx Alveo SN1000: 100Gb Composable SmartNIC (See slide 52 for full descriptions per card​ )