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world’s leading streaming media conference

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Learn how you can broadcast, stream, or game at scale over Amazon EC2 instances at Streaming Media East – the world’s leading streaming media conference, May 24 and 25th.

AMD Xilinx conference session


Don’t miss AMD and industry experts speak at Streaming Media East 

Title: 5G and Beyond: What Does It Mean To You?
Date: Wed, May 25 @ 10:30 AM
Speaker: Sean Gardener, Head of Video Strategy, AECG

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Live Demos at Streaming Media East


Real-Time Cloud Gaming

In this demo, you'll experience real-time cloud gaming running on AMD EPYC® servers, over Amazon EC2 instances powered by AMD Xilinx. 

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Producing Live Broadcasts from the Field in Real Time

Skreens is a PaaS cloud-based visual engine that lets users build personalized experiences for any display. Running over the AWS EC2 VT1 instance with the Alveo U30 accelerator, Skreens is harnessing the latest in accelerated cloud video computation to compose, produce and distribute live, encoded video and interactive content in the cloud to any output. The demo showcases the delivery of secure video uploads with single sign-on and powerful encryption as well as the ability to reinvent live-video experiences on demand, and at scale.

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Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) at Scale

In this demo we’re utilizing Red5 Pro, a real-time, live video streaming service capable of delivering content to millions in milliseconds, powered by the Alveo U30 card running on Amazon EC2 VT1 instances. The demo showcases scalable, real-time video streaming enabled by ultra-low latency, high density transcoding on the lowest cost AWS solution. 

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Live Video Streaming at Scale – Powered by Amazon


Streaming Media East will feature live video transcoding over Amazon cloud

Each of the demos showcased at Streaming Media East will feature live video transcoding over Amazon cloud instances.

Powered by AMD Xilinx, Amazon EC2 VT1 instances enable you to support millions of live video streams - no matter how big your audience - with the industry’s lowest cost per channel. And with ultra-low latencies for real-time transcoding, you’ll experience live video conferencing with natural human interactions.