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automotive Track

Check out the the latest innovations in automotive technology and the future.  Hear Xilinx and industry experts discuss a wide range of topics, as well as Xylon on how Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC and Versal ACAP power its development platforms.

Broadcast Pro A/V Track

Learn about the latest trends in Pro A/V, Broadcast, and Consumer to see how Xilinx platforms get you faster to market with plenty of room to innovate and differentiate.  Industry experts will discuss the demand for more immersive capture and display, driving new standards for connectivity, the need for higher performance video processing and how low-latency compression is enabling live streaming over IP networks with fantastic video quality.

Data Center Track

Discover how advances in artificial intelligence, increasing complex workload and an explosion of unstructured data are forcing rapid evolution of the data center.  Explore how the Xilinx platform empowers this revolution through adaptable acceleration of compute, storage and networking.

Developer Track

Find new ways to deploy your AI models on the Versal VCK5000 development card and see an introduction to AIE-enabled acceleration libraries.  Discover how to partition a Versal ACAP design onto various available engines within your architecture for optimum performance per watt.  Also, see Vitis tools in action and walk through an updated design flow using Vivado to target Versal devices.

Industrial, Healthcare and Medical Track

Learn how Xilinx powers the latest trends in industrial IoT, smart vision and healthcare.  Hear industry experts share the work they’re doing from edge to cloud and from factory to hospital, and to the everyday world.  See how Kria SOMs expand the scope of the K26 SOM from vision AI into robotics and healthcare applications.

Wired and Wireless Track

Hear from Xilinx and industry experts about the latest developments in 5G O-RAN technology as well as how to integrate Versal ACAPs into your next wired or wireless communications projects.

Discover how engineers as well as data scientists are using Xilinx’s unique technology to accelerate innovation with optimized hardware, defined from software.