SPS IPC Drives

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Talk with architects and application engineers and see our latest advancements in machine learning, time sensitive networking (TSN), analytics and predictive maintenance, safety and security and more.

You can also learn more about our newest products: Versal and Alveo.

Booth Demonstrations

Demo Title Description
Time Sensitive Networking

Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) demonstration connects five Zynq® UltraScale+ MPSoCs using the Xilinx TSN Subsystem IP. Avnet’s new TSN Hardware Evaluation Design is an evaluation system at 60% less cost than last year’s development boards with MPSoC. Ask about the limited time offer of a TSN license and two Avnet kits in a bundle. Presented with Avnet Silica.

Start your own TSN development today with a special hardware kit and IP promotional bundle at over 60% discount valid from until  December 31, 2018.

Edge Analytics Edge analytics for predictive maintenance can be applied more flexibly than ever with the Python Framework, PYNQ. See the Electric Drives Demonstration Platform (EDDP) controlled and monitored with a web browser only. Presented with QDESYS.
Modular Robot Control Modular robot control with TSN connectivity in Acutronic’s H-ROS SoM is a breakthrough for efficient robot integration in modern factories. The Xilinx Zynq-7000 based modules run in a demo with a full functional robot. Presented with QDESYS.
High Fidelity 2D and 3D Graphics for Safety Applications High fidelity 2D and 3D graphics for safety applications on Xilinx SoCs are demonstrated on DiSTI’s  flagship product, GL Studio. Experience the superior performance and visual quality of embedded UI displays. Presented with DiSTI Corporation.
SLVS-EC Sensors Sony sensors with SLVS-EC work seamlessly with Xilinx devices and Intellectual Property from Framos. This demonstration features the powerful single-chip solution for higher integration and lower system cost in machine vision applications. Presented with Framos.
Deep Learning Deep Learning with Deephi Tech, now part of Xilinx, comes with comprehensive design flow for inference applications. This demo features four parallel applications on a single device at superior speeds from hardware acceleration.

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