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Xilinx GO Mobile App Support

  • The new Xilinx GO app allows instant access to information about Xilinx devices and development environments for both hardware and software engineers shaping the future of next generation systems.
  • View and share the latest news, blogs, events, and videos.
  • Access to featured technical content and Adaptive Advantage Blog.
  • Get notified when new content is published.
  • Apple iOS 9.0 or later – Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch (iPad is not optimized at this time).
  • Android OS 5.0 or later – Compatible with most modern Android devices.
  • Articles and Videos in the Xilinx GO app all have a “Share” option indicated by a common share icon (). Clicking this icon will allow you to share content via any applications installed on your device that recognize the native share request.

For Apple:

  • Notifications are sent to users each time a new article is posted to the app.
  • You can turn notifications on or off through the Apple Menu Settings.  Go to Settings > Notifications.

For Android:

  • Notifications are sent to users each time a new article is posted to the app.
  • You can turn notifications on or off through the Xilinx GO app or Android Menu Settings.
    • 1) Xilinx GO app:  Go to Settings > Notification Settings 
    • 2) Android Menu:  Go to Settings > Sound and notification > App notifications
  • In order to install the app, you need to allow “Unknown sources”. Typically this is a security setting, but exact location may vary by device. You will need to enable this feature to proceed.
  • Device Lookup is a scanning tool used to show the Xilinx device product properties, manufacturing origin, and assembly details.  It is intended for use in validating the applicability of a certain device to a specific application.  This tool cannot be used to validate or verify devices purchased outside the Xilinx authorized sales channel.  For the Xilinx GO app, the scanning capability uses the phone’s camera to scan the 2D barcode on the Xilinx chip.
  • You must have a Xilinx.com account and be given access to use Device Lookup on Xilinx.com and Xilinx GO app.  To request access or check to see if you already have access, click here.

The Xilinx GO mobile app team appreciates your feedback and suggestions to make improvements.

Your feedback will be reviewed, but please note that not all messages can receive individual replies.

Providing your app version, device and OS will help us improve the app in future releases.


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