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MicroArx cybersecurity technology detects, removes and defends against cyberattacks automatically and does not require patches or updates to be applied to the system.

If your business relies on critical assets to function, then the systems that control those assets are key targets for hackers.

MicroArx IP automatically detects attacks made against software running on those systems, even unknown ones. Once the attack is detected, MicroArx IP removes it and restores system software to normal operation, typically in milliseconds.

MicroArx cybersecurity IP is engineered to protect devices such as industrial control systems, medical devices, autonomous vehicle control systems, aerospace systems, and similar. These devices are often difficult to patch or update, so MicroArx' solution doesn't require patches or updates.

These systems are key targets for attack because, once compromised, they can be used to shutdown or damage critical assets in order to extort assets owners. They can even be used to cause bodily harm or death. MicroArx IP makes these devices much more difficult to effectively attack significantly increasing attacker costs and disrupting their business model.


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  • Automotive
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial
  • Medical