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byteLAKE s.c.

  • Alliance Member
  • Accelerator Program Partner
  • Program Member Since: 2019
  • Certified Engineers: 0
    • Wroclaw, PL (Headquarters)

Partner Information

We build AI and HPC solutions. Focusing on software.

We use machine/ deep learning to bring automation and optimize operations in businesses across various industries. Our modules read data of different types and transform it into knowledge i.e. detect objects or shapes, answer why something happened or will likely happen.

We create highly optimized software for supercomputers. We are strong in programming, math and data science. Our researchers hold PhD and DSc degrees.


AI Workshops to help our clients understand how AI can address their business challenges.

Intelligent Devices: building highly optimized AI engines to analyze data like text, image, video or time series. Our cloud/ data center and IoT edge devices components enable data-driven proactive operations. All in real-time and with reduced bandwidth needs (edge inferencing).

Cognitive Process Automation: bespoke RPAs, supercharged with AI. Complex tasks automation thru data analysis from e-mails, documents, workflow systems etc.

HPC Optimization: we design, develop and port software to CPU+GPU/FPGA architectures and help make the most of the HPC infrastructure. For instance we ported CFD codes to Piz Daint and increased performance by 12x and reduced energy by 30%. Expertise: Intel, NVIDIA and Xilinx tech.


brainello: intelligent OCR that extracts information from documents.

Computer Vision Engines: highly optimized engines to detect objects in real-time i.e. road traffic analytics, models for forestry and industrial scenarios incl. quality inspection.

Federated Learning: AI models training in distributed environments. It aggregates locally produced models (across IoT infrastructure) and enables training without direct access to the data (privacy).

HPC solutions: highly optimized CFD kernels (liquids and gases simulations) for Xilinx Alveo, frameworks to optimize HPC simulations, and add-on to SLURM to ensure maximum nodes utilization.


  • Acceleration Solutions

Markets Supported

  • Automotive
  • Data Center
  • Industrial
  • Medical
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