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Digital Core Design

  • Member Partner
  • Program Member Since: 2002
  • Certified Engineers: 1
    • Bytom, PL (Headquarters)

Partner Information

Digital Core Design (DCD), founded in 1999, based in Poland, European Union, provides Verilog and VHDL high quality synthesizable IP Cores of processors and microcontrollers, bus interfaces, arithmetic coprocessors and components.

Specializing in modifications of existing microcontrollers and microprocessors, DCD offers new improved microcontroller architectures, which are always 100% software compatible with their predecessors. The processors integrate a wide range of available peripherals mainly including: USB, Ethernet, RTC, UARTS, I2C interface, SPI interface, Timers, PWM, Compare/Capture, Watchdog Timer, fixed point coprocessors, floating point single/double coprocessors and others.

We believe, that the Power of Intellectual Property goes together with the Power of Innovation.


  • IP Cores

Markets Supported

  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics