Toshiba Development and Engineering Corporation

  • Partner Tier: Elite Certified
  • Program Member Since: 2012
  • Certified Engineers: 5
    • Kawasaki, JP (Headquarters)
    • Ome, JP (Design Office)

Partner Information

TOSHIBA DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERING CORPORATION is a professional developer providing total solutions in digital technologies. We provide creative digital services for the needs of the modern lifestyle. Technology advancement and diverse technical skills allow us to reach greater heights in creating products that better meet the needs of our customers. We provide comprehensive technical support and also support customers’ technology development processes.


  • Embedded Products
  • Boards and Kits
  • Design Services

Markets Supported

  • Audio Video and Broadcast
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Test and Measurement
  • Wired Communications
  • Wireless Communications

Design Competencies

  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded Application Development
  • Embedded Porting - BSP Extension
  • Embedded Processors
  • FPGA Design and Integration
  • FPGA Design Optimization
  • Industrial and Mechanical Design
  • Industry Certification and Compliance Testing
  • PCB Design and Layout
  • Quality and Reliability Testing
  • RF and Analog Design
  • Image Sensor Fusion
  • Signal Integrity Design and Analysis
  • System Architecture

Maximum Service Scope

  • Chip level FPGA - ASIC Design

Engagement Model

  • Time and Materials
  • SOW-Based Fixed Bid Projects
  • Captive Engineering Resources at Partner and Customer Location