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Discover the latest trends in adaptive computing and choose from more than 100 sessions and workshops. Learn how hardware engineers, software engineers, and data scientists are using this unique technology to accelerate innovation.


Accelerates the pace of innovation

  • Accelerates leading-edge companies in developing innovative products and solutions

Delivers unparalleled efficiency

  • Adapt the hardware to the application, rather than the other way around
  • Improves performance of the whole application

Accessible to all developers

  • Use standard languages, frameworks and IDEs
  • Comprehensive accelerated APIs and reference designs
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Developers are Increasingly Moving to Adaptive Computing

“The Xilinx Adaptive Challenge gave me the opportunity to migrate my video analytics-based algorithms to Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs.
When I deployed my first CNN model on the Xilinx ZCU104 development kit, I was surprised by the large improvement in latency and throughput, compared to GPUs.
Adaptive SoCs, combined with Vitis AI provided me with an easy-to-deploy edge-AI solution.”
-Nevil Shah - Software Architect / LightSpeedAI Labs


Optimized Hardware for Your Specific Application

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Hardware that can be optimized for your exact application

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Comprehensive platforms, including runtime software

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Development Tools and accelerated APIs


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Skreens used Xilinx to build an ultra-low latency video streaming solution with a seamless, real-time experience.

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SK Telecom chose Xilinx to accelerate their real-time AI inference stack utilizing Xilinx Alveo™ U250 data center cards.

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Alibaba achieved 3.5X performance improvement and 75% savings in TCO with Xilinx.

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Make Adaptive Computing Work for You

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The Vitis™ software development platform provides a comprehensive set of tools that empower you to deploy Adaptive Computing features.

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The Xilinx developer site provides tutorials and downloadable projects giving you an easy onramp into Adaptive Computing and the Developer Community

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Explore How Xilinx Delivers Adaptive Computing


Used in many applications

Learn about some of the key applications that can benefit most from adaptive computing technology.

Adaptive Computing Solutions

Enabled with a variety of Xilinx products

Discover the broad portfolio of Xilinx products and solutions that enable adaptive computing.

Adaptive Computing Products
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Tools accessible to many developers

Learn about the advanced tools making adaptive computing accessible to all types of developers.

Adaptive Computing for Developers

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