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Adaptive Computing

Deployed Across a Broad Range of Applications

Data Center

Highest Performance, Adaptable, Versatile.

Adaptable Acceleration for the Modern Data Center

Advances in artificial intelligence, increasingly complex workloads, and an explosion of unstructured data are forcing the rapid evolution of the data center. The Xilinx platform is powering this revolution through adaptable acceleration of compute, storage, and networking.

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Communications / 5G

Get Ahead—and Stay Ahead—with the Power of Adaptive Computing

Wireless: Win the Race to 5G

The global sprint to 5G leadership is accelerating. Winning solutions will be based on infrastructure that is capable of adapting to evolving standards—without compromising performance and longevity. As a leading provider of 5G solutions, Xilinx provides products that give you the performance you need today—and the programmability you need for tomorrow.

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Wired: Network Security

Edge. Access. Metro. Core. No matter the network, security plays a vital role. Encryption and decryption must be built into every piece of the chain, from the link layer to the application itself. Xilinx security solutions span line rates from 100M to 400G, crypto protocols, various packet processing and lookup requirements—even predictive malware detection built on machine learning algorithms. 

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Powering Next-Generation Automotive Systems

The Road to Automotive Intelligence

The automotive market faces new challenges as the future of the industry moves towards highly automated and fully autonomous driving. The result is an increasing reliance on advanced sensors and domain controllers equipped with artificial intelligence to control vehicle perception – which can all be powered by the adaptive, intelligent, Xilinx automotive-qualified (XA) product portfolio.

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Industrial Solutions Across Edge and Cloud

Powering Industrial Applications

Xilinx is the leader in scalable Industrial IoT platforms by offering heterogeneous embedded processing, I/O flexibility, hardware-based deterministic control, and comprehensive solutions for the lowest total cost of ownership. Xilinx powers intelligent and adaptive assets in harsh environments over industrial lifecycles.

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More Xilinx Solutions

Test & Measurement | Medical & Healthcare

Accelerate Data and Discover with Test & Measurement

Xilinx’s Test & Measurement solutions offer I/O performance and flexibility, signal processing bandwidth, and partial reconfigurability to enable next-generation Test & Measurement platforms.

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Medical & Healthcare Smart Solutions for Imaging, Diagnostics, and Clinical Equipment

Address the growing needs of scalable healthcare platforms with heterogenous multi-processing, I/O flexibility, hardware-based deterministic controls, and comprehensive solutions in cybersecurity, safety, and machine learning.

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