Portable RADAR Systems

Virtex-7 FPGAs reduce SWAP-C for portable radar systems

A single board with three Virtex®-7 X980T FPGAs implementing a 64-channel beamformer enables portable form factor with:

  • 80% board area reduction with 24-channels per device
  • 60% system cost reduction
  • 90% FPGA power reduction

Virtex-7 FPGA-based Targeted Design Platforms offers a superior fixed-point DSP solution

  • Up to 987GLFOPS in a single Virtex-7 X980T FPGA
  • Synfora or High-Level Synthesis C-to-FPGA software
  • Leading DSP-development software, including Xilinx ISE® Design Suite with PlanAhead™ and System Generator tools
  • IP Compilers: FIR, FFT, CIC, DDS, DDC, DUC
  • Superior security and anti-tamper with 256-bit AES and authentication, volatile and non-volatile keying and on-chip environmental monitoring

24-channel Beamformer in Virtex-7 X980T FPGAs

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