Xilinx FPGAs are unrivalled in providing the digital signal processing (DSP) performance required in audio processing, interfacing, compression, embedding and conversion. The inherent parallelism of FPGA architectures means that many channels of audio can be processed together in very efficient resources. The high performance of Xilinx FPGAs means that audio performance and quality is excellent and well in excess of most applications’ needs. 

In addition, Xilinx’s extended portfolio of digital audio IP and reference designs enabling hardware engineers to rapidly integrate audio functionality into their products using FPGAs as a cost-effective and flexible alternative to application-specific standard products (ASSPs). With these robust, pre-verified designs, engineers can take full advantage of the DSP performance, bandwidth, and features of Xilinx FPGAs to implement system-on-chip designs that eliminate the need for separate components to perform audio processing tasks, thereby reducing costs, particularly for multi-channel audio applications.

Furthermore, a world-class partner ecosystem is able to provide audio codecs, from simple voice codecs such as PCM for voice compression to supporting professional audio compression with MPEG-1, AAC, Dolby Digital and Dolby E.

Audio Block Diagram