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AMD in Professional AV & Broadcast

Adaptable, differentiated and standards-based solutions that combine software programmability, real-time multichannel UHD video and audio processing, compression and any-to-any connectivity needed for all professional multimedia systems.

Immersive Pro AV powered by AMD

Professional AV equipment surrounds us all. From digital signage in retail advertising, to microphones and large format displays at live events. From live streaming from houses of worship, to control rooms for oil, gas and transport. And from projectors and collaboration in enterprise and education, to the latest AR/VR in simulation and visualization, Pro AV applications require cost-effective designs that don’t sacrifice video quality, latency or control. AMD platforms can quickly adapt to emerging audio and video technologies, enable access to AV-over-IP networks with lossy and lossless codecs where needed, and integrate multimedia pipelines with the latest AI/ML techniques in cost-optimized devices.



Whilst watching TV, media and entertainment consider the journey that the content has travelled on its way to your screen. The first step is acquisition through microphones and high resolution cameras, either in the studio or on-location. Next comes production and post-production which involves mixing, switching and editing with the addition of graphics and color management. Infrastructure equipment and networks, including baseband AV routing or AV-over-IP, moves media around the studio, between departments or facilities, with tight control of synchronization and application of metadata for archival and retrieval. Encoding can then compress the media for storage or playout for distribution to the consumer, who can then enjoy consuming content on their chosen device or at the cinema. AMD offers flexible, differentiated and standards-based solutions throughout the entire workflow that combine software programmability, real-time video and audio processing, hardware optimization and any-to-any media connectivity needed for all video and vision-based systems.





From AV-over-IP distribution and KVM, to collaboration, live streaming and LED walls, Pro AV systems require high quality, low-latency audio and video processing, transportation and presentation. And from acquisition to contribution, through production and post-production, to distribution and consumption, AMD adaptable platforms are at the heart of all applications used throughout cinema and broadcast.

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AMD Platforms


AMD offers a range of platforms for broadcast and professional multimedia systems. From FPGAs and adaptive SoCs to MPSoCs with integrated H.264/H.265 video codec unit, and from Kria SOMs to Alveo accelerator cards, whether you want to implement chip-down or plug-in board, AMD provides the ideal real-time, low-latency AV processing platform.

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AV Technologies

Most multimedia systems use a combination of AV connectivity (both baseband and IP transport), audio and video processing, and compression. AMD and our Alliance Program Partners offer a huge portfolio of IP cores, reference designs and subsystems to get you faster to market.

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