Differentiation, Integration
and Real Time UHD Performance


As imaging resolutions and frame rates increase beyond HD and 60 frames per second and wider dynamic range support is required, it is essential to perform real-time image and video processing within space-constrained designs of cameras and camcorders. In addition, new capabilities are required such as video analytics and metadata acquisition to enable efficient workflows and monetize content. The traditional solution is a mix of ASICs, processors, and FPGAs, which complicate the system and drive up power consumption and heat.

Xilinx devices integrate high speed connectivity from the latest 4K and 8K sensors with a fully flexible image and video processing pipeline, Add lossless or lossy encoding capabilities where needed (typically lossless for studio environments, or lossy for wireless transmission in ENG cameras, or for local storage on SD cards or SATA) and a variety of output connectivity standards, this is now all possible in a single device, offering significant space, cost and power savings.

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Pro Cameras & Camcorders

  • IP cores for sensor interfacing, real-time image processing pipeline and video outputs, with room for user differentiation
  • ARM® processors for camera system management
  • High levels of integration results in fewer chips and lower BOM cost


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