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Audio & Video Codecs

Xilinx offers a range of audio and video codecs used in the value chain from content creation to content consumption.  Be it visually lossless JPEG 2000 for content creation or high-compression programmable solutions for distribution, Xilinx and our partners have a suitable solution.

Codecs for Video and Audio

Video codecs are available for many applications including content creation and contribution, primary and secondary distribution, video-conferencing, automotive, medical, industrial, and surveillance.

The wide array of applications demanding video codecs results in a set of trade-offs that makes a one-size-fits-all solution a compromise in most cases. For example, video quality requirements differ greatly between broadcast and videoconferencing applications, primarily due to the nature of source material needing to be transmitted. As a further example, the requirements in the production and contribution chain favor a mezzanine-type codec offering mathematically lossless, visually lossless, and lossy video quality options while maintaining high picture quality.

Audio codecs are as important as video codecs, and although data rates for video are significantly higher than audio, different audio codecs are required for the range of use cases. For example, multi-channel surround audio used for home theatre or digital cinema employs a codec that is quite different than those used in the production studio.

This broad variance in requirements leads to the need to support a spectrum of codec solutions, and FPGA's are ideally suited to meet these demands due to their programmability. A given codec IP can be targeted for a range of Xilinx devices including:

  • Virtex 7, Kintex 7, Artix 7
  • Zynq 7000 SoC
  • Virtex UltraScale and Kintex UltraScale
  • Virtex UltraScale+, Kintex UltraScale+
  • Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC






Codec IP's for broadcast & professional video industry that can be customized for customer specific applications and requirements, including:

H.264 I&P Frame Codec

H.264 I-Frame Codec (AVC Intra 50/ 100/ 200)

H.264 & MPEG 2 Long GOP Decoder

Low Cost 10-bit AV Decoder Module

CoreEL Digital Video Solutions

A2e Technologies

FPGA Video Compression Cores for the Security & Defense Industries


H.264 Codec

H.264 Codec with iFrame Only

Low Latency (less than 1ms) H.264 Encoder/Codec - COMING SOON!

A2E Technologies FPGA Video Compression Cores


TICO: The disruptive lightweight visually lossless compression technology, fast in CPU, extremely tiny in FPGA & ASIC.

JPEG 2000: The professional compression powered by the most powerful, compact and flexible IP-cores for HD and UltraHD 4K & 8K.

intoPIX TICO Compression

intoPIX JPEG 2000 Compression


JPEG 2000: A flexible and high speed family of IP cores that offers JPEG 2000 solutions with the best quality and performances at lowest latency.

MPEG-2: High-performance, compact, easy-to-integrate MPEG-2 cores.

VC-2 HQ: The VC-2 High Quality Video codec is a light video compression IP core. The VC-2 HQ codec is ideally suited for ultra-low latency video transmission. The low complexity of the algorithm allows cost-effective compression of the video stream.

BarcoSilex JPEG 2000 IP Cores

BarcoSilex MPEG-2 IP Cores

BarcoSilex VC-2

IBEX Technology Co., Ltd.

MPEG/H.264: Ultra Low Delay MPEG/H.264 Codec

IBEX's Ultra Low Delay MPEG/H.264 Codec


PathPartner excels in high quality and performance optimized multimedia codecs and algorithms development.

PathPartner offers the following multimedia codec as software IPs:

H.264/AVC Decoder

H.265/HEVC Decoder

AVS/AVS+ Video Decoder on ARM

RemoteFx Decoder

Speech and Audio Codecs

PathPartner Multimedia Codecs

System-On-Chip Technologies

Video/Audio Compression IP Cores & Chips

Industry-leading quality, realtime processing speed, and unmatched power-efficiency. Ideal for embedded applications with strict quality, latency, and power constraints.

H.264 Encoder IP Cores & H.264 Decoder IP Cores

MPEG-2 Encoder IP Cores & MPEG-2 Decoder IP Cores

H.264 4K Encoder & Decoder IP Cores

H.264-to-MPEG2 Transcoder IP Cores

MPEG2-to-H.264 Transcoder IP Cores

Multi-channel IP Cores

System-On-Chip Technologies CODEC IP Cores

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