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Delivering Full HD, 4K2K (Ultra HD) and 8K4K (Super Hi-Vision) Performance with Optimal Cost and Power Consumption

Xilinx Smarter Solutions for professional displays enable Broadcast vendors to deliver the highest quality displays in the industry. This is true not only for dedicated reference monitors used to judge and grade video content, but also for mutiviewers, used to view multiple channels of video on a single screen or digital signage projection walls.  Integrating robust and high bandwidth video connectivity with real-time video processing results in professional HD, 4K2K, and emerging 8K4K displays that provide the best possible video quality.  Furthermore, advances in display technology are evolving digital signage from conventional static displays to immersive and adaptive personal experiences for the targeted consumer.

Xilinx Zynq™-7000 All Programmable SoCs and FPGAs enable Broadcast display vendors to deliver the highest visual quality systems while meeting energy efficient requirements for lower power consumption and heat with the flexibility needed to meet the wide array of display requirements in a market with constantly evolving and emerging standards.

Xilinx Smarter Solutions include the All Programmable FPGAs and SoCs in addition to a suite of SmartCORE™ and LogiCORE™ IP that can be customized to optimally address your unique market requirements. Xilinx Vivado™ Design Suite with its tightly integrated development tool flow using OpenCV libraries, Vivado High-Level Synthesis, and IP Integrator provide a faster, more flexible means to go to market with greatest differentiation, lower risk and cost of ownership than alternative ASIC and ASSP based solutions.

Professional Display

The above architecture demonstrates how Xilinx IP can be parameterized and scaled to meet the needs of multiple types of displays.  Depending on the resolution of the display, decoding standard, smart user interface, internal display panel connectivity and external video connectivity interfaces needed, a wide variety of displays can be created to meet any Broadcaster need from Broadcast reference monitors, to multi-viewers to digital signage.

Key Features Include:

  • Resolution
    • HD
    • Full HD
    • 4K2K (Ultra HD)
    • 8K4K (Super-Hi-vision)
  • Interlacing
    • Interlaced and De-interlaced
  • Frame Rate
    • 60fps
    • 120fps
    • 240fps
    • 2000fps
  • Video Interfaces
    • HDMI
    • DisplayPort
    • SMPTE 2022
    • 10GbE AVB
  • Decoding Standards
    • MPEG2
    • H.264
    • H.265 / HEVC
    • JPEG2000
  • Internal Panel Interface
    • VbyOne HS
    • iDP
    • eDP
    • LVDS

Xilinx Smarter Solutions for Professional Displays Include:

  • Video Scalar SmartCORE IP
  • De-Interlacer SmartCORE IP
  • On-screen Display LogiCORE IP
  • RGB to YCrCb Color Space Converter LogiCORE IP
  • YCrCb to RGB Color Space Converter LogiCORE IP
  • Gamma Correction LogiCORE IP
  • DisplayPort LogiCORE IP
  • SMPTE 2022 -5/-6 SmartCORE IP
  • IEEE AVB (Audio Video Bridging) LogiCORE IP
  • HDMI Xilinx App Note
  • Real-Time Video Engine SoC Reference Design
  • 4K Up-converter Reference Design from Xilinx
  • Video over IP Reference Design from Barco-Silex
  • Omnitek OZ745 Video Development Kit
  • Zynq-7000 SoC ZC706 Evaluation Kit
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