Transmitters & Modulators

Realizing Dense, Low Cost-per-Channel Digital TV Modulation


Globally there are a tremendous amount of standards for modulating, transmitting and receiving digital television signals. From ISDB to DVB, from ATSC to DOCSIS, each technique has been developed and honed to support a certain transmission medium and its unique robustness requirements, either or satellite, terrestrial or cable networks, as well as tuning those technologies for the local geopolitical needs. However each standard has a relatively common signal processing chain, from mapping and channel coding (Forward Error Correction), to baseband shaping and up conversion to the transmission DAC. All of these digital functions are possible in a Xilinx FPGA or SoC, with the benefit of providing a dense, multichannel solution in a single chip (reducing rack space and cost) as well as offering a programmable future proofing to support emerging next generation standards. To accelerate time-to-market, Xilinx partners offer a range of modulation IP and development hardware to support these applications, as well as design services to provide a tailored and optimized product.

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Transmitters & Modulators

  • High density multi-channel support for global DTV standards
  • Highly integrated implementation of standards-based FEC, filtering and predistortion with room for differentiation
  • ARM® processors for system control
  • Xilinx RFSoC family for integrated high performance ADC & DAC 


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